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1. I already have a website, why should I buy this domain?

Keyword Domains are being used across the internet to drive targeted web traffic. Many of our customers have purchased multiple keyword domains.

2. Why are keyword domains a good investment for my business?

You gain value from owning a keyword domain in three main ways.

Search Engine Optimization: If you properly optimize a keyword domain with unique content you have an excellent opportunity to attract people who search for that exact match phrase. Keyword Domains are a powerful tool in online marketing. The investment you make when you optimize a targeted keyword domain helps your site gain prime SEO placement at a fraction of the cost it takes to continually pay for paid ad placement on search engines.

Brand Value: Keyword domains are an important way to communicate your message across the Internet. Whether you chose to develop this keyword domain now or later, keep this valuable marketing tool out of the hands of your competition.

Valuable Internet Real Estate: Just as it does in the real world, location matters on the Internet. No matter what the latest trendy search algorithm is, a keyword domain maintains intrinsic value because it conveys an instant meaning and understanding to people who read them. As more and more businesses discover the advantage of owning keyword-rich domains, they are becoming harder and harder to find.

3. How Do I Know This Is Not A Scam?

MCB owns all the domains we offer for sale.

All MCB owned domains have the following WhoIs information:

Domain Administrator
PO Box 1061
Alhambra, California 91802
United States
phone: 3109551069

Feel free to contact us direct via this information for confirmation.

We transfer ownership of the domain to you before payment is due.

4. Why is the domain listed for more money on other websites?

MCB lists our domains on other sites at retail prices. Buying direct from us gets you the best price.

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